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ECON First offers individualized Consulting Services to business clients tailored specifically to the client's desired outcomes given the specific micro economy of their primary market area. The analyses combine ECON First's in-depth and unsurpassed knowledge of regional economies and specific industries, all in proven applied microeconomic frameworks.

The value added by the microeconomic framework is detailed in ECON First's proprietary operating document "Economic Essentials for Business Survival".

Consulting requests drill down in the business' primary market area economy to assist in decisions on expansion, causes of lost sales, acquisitions and development. Individual topics range from optimal price strategies to identification of emerging consumer market segments to assessment of competitiveness.

Detailed and explicit contracts for ECON First consulting and retainer services are negotiated with each client. The objective is to tailor an agreement that is specific to the client's needs.       

All projects include preliminary strategy conultation, followed by mutual review of a draft contract. Payment terms and a delivery date will be negotiated by the client and ECON First.



ECON First, LLC - 802 Dallam Road - Newark, DE 19711 - 302-650-4965