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ECON First  provides world-class, commercial grade reporting and analysis using applied economic intelligence for business success. Corporate leaders who are concerned with business expansion, diagnosing causes of lost sales, acquisitions and development, and keeping their business model current with emergent trends utilize our services.

The world today is awash with cutting edge data. Businesses can easily make poor decisions by not looking at the data in its proper form and context, by ignoring emerging trends, and using inaccurate metrics. 

All economic data comes from surveys and has a range of error. Grabbing the latest monthly change in consumer confidence, for example, can be seriously misleading. The current month's confidence reading must be compared to long term trends and put into the context of other factors such as changes in consumers' disposable income.

ECON First principal, Dr. John E. Stapleford has decades of experience in applied economics and putting it to work for businesses.

Dr. Stapleford has been under contract to the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Transportation, the Economic Development Administration and the Small Business Administration, private corporations and international management consulting firms, state and local governments, nonprofits, and public utilities. He has been recognized as an economic expert in Federal District Court, and the Delaware Court of Chancery and Supreme Court.

He was a research economist in the Office of the Governor of New Jersey. For 15 years Stapleford was director of the University of Delaware’s Bureau of Economic Research, and started the University’s Delaware Small Business Development Center. He was also the acting director of the University's Census and Data System. 

Stapleford worked as an associate director and senior economist with Moody’s Analytics. He started the Caesar Rodney Institute, a nonprofit think tank, ran its Center for Economic Policy and Analysis, and served a term as president.

Dr. Stapleford is author of a book and numerous articles in professional journals. He has been interviewed and quoted as an economic expert in national and regional media. He is a professor emeritus of economic development with Eastern University and a member of the Delaware United Way Hall of Fellowship.

Dr. Stapleford was a captain in the USAF where he received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with clusters. He has been a head men’s lacrosse coach at the high school and university levels.




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